Saturday, January 29, 2011

What Next?

Now that I have finished yet another project (Whoooo Hooooo!) my mind started casting itself over my list of unfinished WIPs.  Ahh, all those Works In Progress just waiting to be pushed to the top of the rotation.   I must confess, the recently cast on Shrieks in the Night mobiusshawl has me intrigued.  I finished the first skein, which means I am at least a quarter done, since I only had four skeins to start off with. 
 These pictures were taken shortly before I had finished the first skein.  I have a width of about 5 inches now.  And, while I haven't been brave enough to remove all the markers, the pattern is surprisingly easy to remember.
This close-up also shows both the subtle color variations (The silver streaks from the name of the color) as well as the garter and moss stitch sections divided by the yarn overs.
Fast easy knitting.  What more could I want? 
Well, I did cast on two new projects in the last couple days.  But more about them next time.

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