Monday, January 24, 2011

Finally Some Knit Pictures

I've mentioned earlier this week that I had been on a casting on spree last weekend.  Basically I started on a mini-Brown Sheep love-athon.  First up, I finally started Shrieks in the Night mobius.  I have only been waiting since Halloween.  It out of regular Lamb's Pride, in a black color that has a bit of silver shading and is called Silver Streaks at Night.  I spread it out here to try to show the arrowhead pattern.  It has garter sections separated from a moss stitch section by eyelet that run diagonally from the center.  
This picture is closer to the true color.  I am using size 10 stainless tips on a 60 inch cable.  I have the two row pattern memorized and it is going quite well.  At the moment it is a hair over 4 inches wide.
This is the yarn Evelyn and I call my "Good & Plenty" yarn.   It is Brown Sheep Handpaint Originals in a color officially called Rose Slate.  It is a 80% mohair/20% wool blend and so soft.
 I am making a keyhole style shawl in a garter stitch with what is called English Rib edges.  Sort of a slip stitch patten that looks similar to i-cord.
I haven't done as much with that after starting, as the Shrieks in the Night was taking most of my time.  But, just to add variety, I had a pair of socks in my hands too.  I had barely started the ribbing of the second sock but now am past the gusset and sailing on to the toe. 
So now there are two WIPs complete this year, but two new projects cast on.
Now that's progress.
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