Monday, January 3, 2011

The New Year--Off and Knitting

Much knitting has been done with the new year.  Since one of my jobs was closed for the week last week, it made for a lot of knitting time.  I don't have many pictures, but have made progress.
The purple stuffed mittens I am making for Linda are coming along.  I had to have her try them on today to make sure they weren't too big.  On to the end with those.
My Pink Vicky Ribwarmer is coming right along.  If I hadn't had to rip back so much last week, I might have had it done.  But as it is, both fronts are finished and I am on the second side, and hopefully before bedtime I will be started on the last corner. 
I plan to join the two sides and knit the back in one piece, when I begin working back up the short rows to the full number of stitches. 

As with the Baby Surprise Jacket, so far it looks like a mess of random knitting, but I have confidence it will be a snug warm vest by the end of the week.
There is something so gratifying about garter stitch.

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