Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Finished Rib Warmer

I know that I have some readers who have been waiting probably impatiently for me to post, although I haven't gotten any reminder notes.  But I have been remiss, and may be a bit tardy, as I do have some tax papers to go through before next weekend.
But in the meantime, here is the Victorian Pink ribwarmer I call my Pink Vicky. 
I love the rounded front corners.  I also did the second half by picking up stitches at the neck tab and knitting it down, then after turning the bottom corner, joined both halves and knit up in one piece.  I joined the front to the back with working an i-cord from one sholder, across the neck and on the other sholder.  I did not do the optional i-cord around the edges, but may consider it on a future ribwarmer.
The jury is still out on the big arrow pointing to my bottom, but even though it is plainer in real life than in the picture, I can't see it, so I guess I can live with it.  And it is my first completed WIP. 
I'm a month and a half ahead on my WIP club!

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