Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Started More Projects!

Yes, I started more projects.  One project was inevitable.  I had finished one pair of socks, so of course I had to cast on another.  While my Mini Mochi socks are first in the sock rotation, these will be backup traveling socks. 
 I love the pairs of socks I have out of that yarn, warm, fuzzy and so comfy.  I have enough for at least e more pairs once these are done.  And since I use a size 1.5 needles, due to the size of the yarn, rather than my usual size 1, they are usually a fairly quick knit.
But even with those socks already on the needles, I found some recent yarn to cast on for a new pair.
These are out of some sock yarn dyed by Rita Pettys of Yarn Hallow, and I got this last fall when Sandy and I had our girls day out.  It was my purchase in Rockford at the yarn shop there.
I am not sure if you can see the label, at least clearly enough to read, but there is 2% silver in this yarn.  Just a subtle bling, that is almost visible in this picture also.
And I couldn't believe the colorway is the same as the Well Traveled Shawl I finished last fall as well.  A bit more purple, but it is the same Dove Gray.   I really like the way this is knitting up, but I need to get the Mochi socks done, so I can start full speed on these.
Then I'll be walking on silver.

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