Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Ditch

I came home from work today to see this at one end of our U-shaped drive.

And this was blocking half the road.

The reason, a new culvert in the ditch at the end of our drive.

This is our "working" drive, where the tractor, wagons, equipment and boys in trucks enter and exit. When the tractor has to exit or enter with the baler, it was always a sharp turn. One day I came home to see Hubby in the ditch with a hose and long pole, trying to unplug the tube. After he determined it was broken, the County was contacted. And today, we got a new culvert. The old cement one was 18 feet long. The new one is 30. Should be plenty of room for tractors, wagons.

And for the big truck that will be delivering a new batch of logs in another month for this winters heat. Lots of room. I think he will like it.

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