Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Foggy Pictures

I finally figured a way to get the pictures of the Baby Genius Burp Cloth and Baby Bib o' Love off the telephone and on to the blog with an intervening step. I needed to be able to downsize them somehow. I needed to e-mail them to my work address so I could then use Fotosizer to reduce the file size.
So here they are.You will notice the old timey"filmed through Vaseline" look like they used on Dynasty with Joan Collins and in old movies with wrinkled stars. I guess that even though the camera was set for high resolution (which I have since adjusted), the clear film over the camera hole in the protective case gives it that gauzy look.
That leaves me with a dilemma. I can either try cutting the film off the protective case, thus leaving the lens susceptible to scratches and rendering it useless. Or I can leave the film in place, protecting the lens, but causing blurry pictures, thus still rendering the camera useless.
Ahh well.
Anyway, above is the bib. I modified the button tabs by changing to I-cord after about an inch and making ties.
Below is a closeup of the burp cloth. I love the colors and textures. A very quick, mindless knit. All you have to be able to do is count to 4. Once you cast on that is.
Now Daddy can take baby Levi to the woods and be able to feed and burp him!

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