Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Latest Knitting

I felt the need, after finishing the baby sweater for Mary's grandbaby and the shower we are having for her, to make something for my imminent grand nephew--name still unknown. (The parents are keeping their names secret--do they have some horrid name planned--Aloyious Allen perhaps?) (I could call him Al Al. Or not.)
Anyway, the sweater looked well, but the pattern is too girly for Al Al. Even if I change the color.
So I turned to some cotton yarn I found at Joannes a few weeks ago, and I started on a new, quick project.
Behold, the beginning of the Baby Genius Burp Cloth. from Mason Dixon Knitting, the first book. I figured that since they wanted camo colors for Luke, I'll give Al Al a bib in camo colors, so Daddy can take him to the woods and be able to burp him there.
Next up, and in progress already is the Baby Bib O' Love in the same colors.

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