Monday, June 28, 2010

Knitting Interrupted

While I HAVE been working on the Cherry Leaf Shoulder shawl (12 complete pattern repeats so far), I got caught up with my Knitters Loom. I had started this over a year ago. The warm is Nature Spun fingering, in light and dark green. The weft is a self striping yarn, in either sport or worsted. Also wool.
This was warped and started, but I had no idea how to tell the length of woven faberic. I just know I had a long warp.
After being inspired by Mary's weavings (ruana and a baby blanket in just a month or two after getting the loom.) I dug it back out.
It went quite well.I was pleased with the plaid I ended up with. The finished shawl or table runner. I don't have a table worthy of a runner, so Gertrude is posing with it as an 11 inch wide shawl. I rather like it.
I think I need a bigger loom.

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