Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend Blahs

I think this out of work thing is getting to me.
I had started trying to keep getting up at the same time, so I wouldn't get out of the habit of listening to my alarm.
But....I missed church today. I turned off my alarms when they went off, including the several snoozes. Forgot I really did need to get up today.
I need to find another job it looks like.

But on the NASCAR front, both good and bad news. Johnny Benson, my favorite local driver, after losing his truck ride despite being the reining champion, was in a bad accident at a local track yesterday. He is in fair condition now, and improving somewhat.
Today's Sprint race was in Michigan. And, thanks to a bit better mileage, he won again. So at least there was a bright spot in all this.

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