Wednesday, June 24, 2009

That Didn't Do Much Good

Ok, so I went to town. The temp service employment agencys that I planned to go to are no longer in town. Even though they have their name listed on the sign outside where they USED to be, they aren't there.
So I went into the MichiganWorks office. Updated my resume and when I asked a few questions to the gal at the desk, she remembered me from when I was in a year ago. (How pathetic is that?) I think it was the bachelors degree along with 3 jobs that moved out of state. That of course doesn't hold a candle to 3 lost jobs in 12 months, but its right up there.
Anyway she did give me a list of places to check for jobs. I will NOT share them here as I don't need anymore competition.
But that said, I have to start trying some of those tips tonight. And anyone with a possible job opening please feel free to contact me.

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