Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Road Trip to Stonehedge Fiber Mill

Monday my spinning guild traveled to East Jordan in Michigan--"the tip of the mitt" to Stonehedge Fiber Mill. You can see Rachel's blog for more pics and better details. What a fun time. With a van and trunk full of fiber we made our way there. We dropped off our fiber for processing and then was given a great tour.

Those white and black bags contain the wool from the car trunk. The fleeces from the van where piled up elsewhere.

We were shown the entire process. There are some of the fleeces drying after being washed.

And what trip to anything fibery would be complete without a trip to the mills shop? It was not air conditioned, so here we are outside after shopping. I think that helped keep us from buying too much. Plus we didn't want to sweat all over the wool.

After finishing up there, we headed off to the Grayling area. Another farm that wanted to buy some of Sheila's alpaca fleece. And they opened their trailer with their blended wool/alpaca/mohair luciousness. We had to buy. Here is a sample.

At least the trunk wasn't quite so full on the way home!

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