Monday, December 1, 2008

No Road Trip

A bunch of my fiber friends and I had planned a fun filled trip to Frankenmuth today. It is the home of a wool mill, a year round Christmas store, and Bavarian chicken dinners and I don't know what all. I had never been there and they all figured I needed to day.


Life got in the way.

As you can see, we had a bit of snow. Since it started Sunday, there of course was no plowing or salting of roads until today. Maybe in the spring time.

I knit some more on the Baby Surprise Jacket I have started for Luke. Does it look like a sweater yet? I just hope I can figure out how to sew it together once I am done with it.

I also worked on the rose green cardigan. Several rows, but since it is just above the joined sleeves, each row takes about 5 years to finish. Well, maybe I do exaggerate a little. But it is slow going.

And, just to be totally wicked, I cast on yet another project. I purchased the pattern for the Wrap Me Up Shawl at the Charlevoix fiber festival. I have the yarn, but put other projects in front of it. I cast on last Friday and have about a third of the first block done. It is a sampler shawl, with many techniques and stitch patterns to keep you from being bored. I love working with the self striping yarns.

Of course Hubby found ways to keep me busy since I was home today. I had to help him load cattle, along with Younger Son, into the cattle trailer for a trip to the auction. Then later, after Hubby came home, we had to put the calf crate into the little truck to go back to buy another calf at the auction. Now that he is gone, I am blogging and spinning this evening. He has the fire all stoked up and I am toasty and warm, with a puppy on my toes.

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Angie J said...

Oh my you have never been to Bronners Linda? It's an awesome place. They sold my 999 dollar parrot though. I wanted that thing as a kid. It was 6 foot in height and hung on it's own perch from the ceiling.

Bronners is beautiful in the wintertime. Best time to see it, but not in a snow storm. Glad you all cancelled it.

email me privately about the chicken