Saturday, December 13, 2008

More and More Projects

As if the approaching Christmas season isn't enough, I managed to start 2 more projects since Thursday. I finished the Baby Surprise Jacket, except for the shoulder seams. I started and almost finished the Toasty Topper from Knitty magazine from about a year ago. It is a hat with a scarf growing out of the back of the hat. To help keep hat and scarf together. I haven't even got a picture yet but it is out of the last skein of yarn from the BSJ.
Then, with Gilbert the farm poodle ready to go for his hair cut today, I thought the chilly weather dictated a doggy sweater. I started that yesterday, but it is still only in the yoke area. Since I couldn't get it done for today, I decided to finish the topper first. I am using a rich teal color Nature Spun wool. I need to work on it while he is handy for frequent try-ons.
Lots of snow in the past week. Tonight and tomorrow are supposed to be warming and possibly slushy. The roads have that packed snow ruts that make roads treacherous without any ice on them. We aren't even pretending to plan a trip to Frankenmuth, since the last 2 Mondays were snowed out!
I have been spinning and plying this past week too. I finally have the lipstick red silk/cormo blend all spun and ready to ply. It spun quite fine and hope to have a lot of yardage out of it. It has such a shimmer and deep red color I can't wait to see the finished project.

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