Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More Hours

Starting this week I will be getting more hours at the store. Jane will probably be getting more hours for her transcription that she does back up for at a local doctor’s office. This is in addition to the hours she puts in working third shift at another transcription place. So Sandy and I will each work an extra day and Dave apparently will work Saturdays to give her time to sleep. My library hours will be all day on Wednesday and Thursdays for the most part. Except for Christmas and New Years weeks, which (Yikes!) start next week!
So today, I am at the store typing this, although not sure when I can post. Jane thought I could jump on their wireless network here but they took their router home so I need a network cable. Or something. I will need to confer with my techy brother and or nephew. If I can’t post this tonight at home I will try to post from the library.
Speaking of which, did I mention the Baby Surprise Jacket for my great nephew is done, except for seaming. I want to leave it unsewn for a while to confound people with it. The shape looks nothing like a sweater as is. I also finished a hat—the Toasty Topper, which is a hat with built in scarf—in the same yarn. I had mere inches to spare but it is really cute.
I spent some more time on the Burleyspun vest and my rose green sweater while knitting at home yesterday. So those projects are not snoozing, just back burner. I did make my Gilbert a sweater vest to wear outside when it is so cold. I did a practice one first before I use the good yarn to make another. I think I can try it in a smaller gague. And maybe with a rolled collar instead of ribbed. Not sure on that yet.
Oh—and I got the Christmas tree up and trimmed. It is just a small one, but looks nice.

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Angie J said...

okay what type of modem do they have the store? Depending on what type of modem is there, depends on the wireless ability. I have one where you can either plug into the back up to 4 computers or use a wireless card.

If there are extra outlets in the back of the modem you'll just a modem cable to hook up with. (It's like a phone cable except the plugs at either end are wider.) I may have an extra sitting here.