Sunday, December 21, 2008

Blowing in the Wind

Snow I mean.

I was rather relieved on Friday when, as I was getting ready to schlep my spinning wheel and supplies out to the car, to get a phone call. David was telling me he would watch the store in the afternoon, so I didn't have to come to spinning and work. I was greatly relieved. While I love snow, I don't love driving in it. Mainly because driving is a necessary evil and I don't enjoy driving in any weather. Even the library, my other job was closed, although it was my day off from there anyway.
But I do enjoy snow. It did let up yesterday so I could finish my shopping and get my groceries and stocking stuffers. (Mind you, nothing is wrapped yet, although this should have been the day.)

Last night however, when I peeped out to see where Hubby was, I saw the most delightful sight. Even Hubby commented on it. Snow was beginning to lightly fall, like diamond dust showering down. You could see waves of it hitting the ground, and the glistening as it fell past the open door.

(No, this picture is not the surface of the moon, but the surface of one of the panes of the window on the back door. Single figure temps tend to make pretty pictures.)
Today--not alot of snow, but WINDY!!. The next county over--1 mile away--is now under a blizzard warning. We are still a mere winter storm warning. Good old lake effect snow. I was unable to venture out to church--4 foot drift in front of the garage still. I snuck out the back door with a camera and got a few of the pictures shown here. Other than that I only ventured out to do bunny chores and come back in. Poor Sadie. Snow has been blowing through the top of the door and drifting down on her. I tried not to touch her. Didn't want to disturb her insulation of fluff.
And so it blows.

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Angie J said...

Brrrrr is all I can say. I had to schlep in the snow today for wood pellets and chickens. Now which county was in a blizzard warning. Muskegon? Kent? Lake? Oceanna? It was darn close to it up here. Hey Tuesday we are suppose to have a break.

I spun all day today, and even have a project in mind for what I'm spinning, which is a first.

Stay warm, Stay Safe