Tuesday, December 9, 2008

If Its Winter, Its Time for Wool

Well, yet another trip to Frankenmuth foiled by the weather. But let it be firmly noted that I was not the first to bale this time. Ms Jane --who constantly makes fun of my cautious driving habits decided Saturday that it was to slippery to go. Ironically Sunday, while much snow lay on the ground was a decidedly lovely day. As you can see, the sun tried to peep through the clouds. I even saw a snowplow go by. On Sunday in Newaygo County!!!
As it turned out, the weather report was for a winter storm warning, starting late Monday, so it was probably good we stayed home. Today, all the county schools were closed and the drive to work was nasty. Luckily we stayed in the snow range and not in the rain/freezing rain area.
But since I was home yesterday, I spun and knit up a storm. Spinning pics, some blue/green/purple Finn wool from Spunky Eclectic called Arcadia, and some rich dark Icelandic over-dyed red. I have a pound of that, and that is about half of the first 8 oz that I have spun up so far. The color is brighter and richer than the picture shows. I am thinking maybe a hat and mittens for the red. Not sure yet about the soft Finn.

I haven't worked on the Wrap Me Up shawl, because I am almost finished with the Baby Surprise Jacket for Luke. I will be posting update pictures on Ravelry (where I am farmmom.) I am binding off with an I-cord. Then just sew shoulders and buttons and that project will be done.

And yet another project. I got some super bulky handpaint BurleySpun in shades of blue and am making a quick vest. It will be super warm when its done. Hopefully I will have enough yarn to finish. I will be checking for length on Gertrude to make sure I don't divide for the front and back too late.

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