Sunday, December 28, 2008

Finished Project

I did finish sewing up the Baby Surprise Jacket for Luke and even got a chance to deliver it on Saturday. It appears that he liked it.

It even fit, although the garter stitch has lots of give and it will maybe fit this fall yet.

The fog was like pea soup when I delivered it. The temps on upper 50's made a mess of my glorious snow banks and with the winds caused the fog to billow across the road.

Michigan cellars are not good for rapid thaws. Hubby had to dig out the sub-pump and pump out the basement. Michigan cellars of course just have dirt floors and water was running down under the steps. He was up half the night and pumped it 5 times. Since our pump does not have a shut off, he had to stay awake to pump.

And look at the hay fields. That tree out there is in the ditch between our 2 hay fields. Near the botttom, in the open water is a little whirlpool caused by the tube that runs under the road that was vainly trying its best to drain the fields. And at this point, on my way home from church, the water had gone down quite a bit.

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