Saturday, February 23, 2008

Frosty Days

Such typical Michigan weather. Winters the way they used to be!!

After the ice storm last Sunday (I haven't been able to get to church all month!) we got more snow. No snow days this time. Schools are running out. but several mornings down to -12 degrees. I love those kind of days. The frosty nights and clear days we finally have gotten have allowed for some glorious pictures.
Even the weeds look pretty good and the frost on the old buzz saw gives a old time look to that.
I better get moving. I need to get groceries yet and maybe a stop at Goodwill before heading home in time for the Craftsman truck races this afternoon. I hope to have some spinning time while watchng either that or the Nationwide race tonight. I also discovered that I have some mending to do on a favorite sock. It must have snagged on something, because there is a big hole on the back--not worn out so I'm not sure how to fix it, if I can pickup up stitches and graft it on needles or what. So far it hasn't run back, but it is a modified feather and fan stitch so will be a pain to figure out.

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