Tuesday, February 12, 2008

And the Race is On!!

And they’re back. NASCAR is back and running. Yeah, I know the season officially starts this weekend but I was able to watch and enjoy the Bud Shootout. And while I may not be a member of “Junior Nation”, I was thrilled to see him win this first race in a thrilling finish. New colors, new number, new boss and a brand new win to start the season. The engine held and without the stress with his old team negotiations it was a beautiful sight to see him win.
Of course with the thrill of the race, I had to put aside the steering wheel cover I am knitting and do something a little more plain vanilla. Since I had fastened the buttons on the cherry festival sweater, I went back to my yellow/green/peach socks in a colorway I think was called Parakeet. I actually was able the finish the first. (What has it been—a year and 2 other finished pair since I started them?) And I am proud to say that I sucdessfully grafted—yes—GRAFTED—the toe on it. I used the method shown on a Knitting Dailey tip published before Christmas. It looks so good! I am so proud of myself! I immediately cast off and have now finished the ribbing on the second sock. NO Second Sock Syndrom for me.
However, I have also been working on a jewel toned blue/green pair of socks in a tightly spun merino from Cherry Tree Hill. I am loving them and really want to go to town on them. So I better get the Parakeet ones done so I can get the others done.
I will have to get some pictures.

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