Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Whole Lot of Finishing Going On

A week or so ago I dug out the languishing Flo Oatmeal Vest and with the cooler weather was able to finish it fairly quickly. Last weekend I soaked it and laid it out to block. Hmmm...even getting gauge, it came out fairly long.

Next I need to finally sew the side and shoulder seams before picking up stitches around arm, neck and front bands. The end is in sight.

I also delivered Little Farmer's Spiral Blankie today.

With that done, I started a blankie for the little purple princess. It isn't purple, but it will have purple accents when finished.

It's a Shetland Hap Shawl. The idea is that it is a lacy blanket now, and when she grows up, she can use it as a shawl. If her mom lets her keep it that is. It will have some purple in it after all.

Once the center square is done, stitches will be picked up all around for a feather and fan section, this ripple pattern is then bound off sideways, like the spiral blankie. But this will have a zig-zag border instead of straight garter stitch. It will be similar to one I made a couple of years ago.

On a non-knitting front, I am once again clinging to my cane. On Monday a cousin and I went on a cemetery visit. A steep bumpy cemetery. We found all the relatives we were after, and then some. (Allens and Bartos and Fords, oh my.). But the hills were too much for my poor knee. I could hardly sleep that night and am still feeling the effects.

Now, back to my knitting.

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