Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Knitting Status

I promised an update on my knitting progress.  So here goes.
The 2015 Lions Scoreboard Cowl continues to grow.  Unfortunately, mostly it is growing in silver, instead of Honolulu Blue.  If I need to start another silver ball during the next game, I will be investing in another ball.  I have four, and each should last four games, but this is game four coming up.  I am getting mighty thin on the silver.  I may get one anyway, just to make sure I have enough.  I can always make a hat or something using the leftovers of all three colors.
Little Farmers Gray Spiral Blankie is in the cast off phase yet.  I have only about 3 sections yet to go, but have been concentrating on a certain baby sweater pretty hard.   Plus until the past couple days, it has been too hot to work on it.  But I have confidence it will be finished very soon.
That certain baby sweater, the Purple Swing Cardigan is almost finished,  the second sleeve is farther along and an evening with that will have that cast off.  Then it is just the finishing details, sewing down the neck and weaving in ends, as well as the ribbon tie through the neck casing.  
And last of all, my most recent cast on, my Rustic Silk Triangle.
The lacy look is caused by the large needles, making it a speedy knit.  I like the squiggles here and there where the thicker part of the yarn shows up.  I hope to finish it soon.  It is only a small shawlette size, although I did purchase two skeins.  It will be more of a scarf than shawl when finished.  I think I will like it. 

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