Thursday, October 8, 2015

Lost in Knitting Land

I have been absent from my blog but knitting up a storm.

While the Purple Swing Cardi is off the needles, it obviously needs some finishing work. Loose ends need to be woven in, then stitch down the neckline to make the ribbon casing, followed by a soak and dry in front of a fan, and it will be done.

My 2015 Lions Scoreboard Cowl is done through game 4 out of 16.

There was some of the silver yarn (used for the opponent's points) left after the game. That means not quite a quarter of the opponent's yarn was used, now that a quarter of the games have been played. But, since game four was a much lower scoring game, I decided to splurge on a fifth skein of the silver yarn. Unfortunately, the Honolulu Blue is in no danger of running out.

Here is the cowl to this point.

With the knitting on the purple baby sweater finished, I have worked on the Lavender Lace Cardigan. Picking it up, I found some temporary markers that usually mean "here is a mistake to fix when you return", but luckily, I think this time I had simply marked the future front/back divides a bit early. It must be a at home project for the time being. At least until the end of the lace.

The Gray Spiral Blankie is almost finished, it requires cool weather to work on it. I am on the last section of the border and I hope to finish it tomorrow while watching Friday night's schmaltzy horror movies on good old TCM. (This week's theme is spooky body parts.)

I also have to tune up my Ashford Traditional spinning wheel tomorrow. More on the reason for that another time.

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