Sunday, October 11, 2015

Spinning and Knitting, With a Side of Genealogy

Saturday was a bit chilly in this neck of the woods. A glorious low of 31.5 was recorded on our thermometer. I love the cooler weather, but I, or rather my Cemetery Walk alter ego, Calico Jane was scheduled to sit outside the Hesperia Library spinning that morning!

My Ashford Traditional wheel hasn't been used much, especially on the road. But I finally have a car that I can (barely) get it to fit into. I had to spend some time Friday getting it tuned up and remembering how to adjust it. But it spun like a dream after profuse oiling and fiddling.

Luckily, it was a great morning. While the local history and genealogy folk were gathered inside, I filled half a bobbin of light gray Shetland wool. I was well bundled against the chill, armed with hot coffee, wool socks, a hand-spun, hand-knit wool scarf, sweatshirt cardigan, and two knit tops. Only my foot in the shoe was cold. The other was kept warm by tredling along.

After a couple hours I went in to the gathering. I discovered my Cross family line that lived in Beaver Township left me related to several people who there, including some I went to school with. My family just keeps growing, even if a certain grandniece continues to take her own sweet time.

Back home and back to knitting. With the Gray Spiral Blankie done, and the Purple Swing Cardi off the needles, I needed to pick my main project to work on. I have been working along on the Lilac Lace Cardigan, but it is a project that requires careful watching. (And it is Lilac, not Lavendar as previously reported.) Now that the Lions somewhat embarrassing game is over I do have the Scoreboard Cowl to work on as well, but that usually is done by the day after the game.

The Raspberry Creme shawl resurfaced, as well as the Rustic Blue Silk Triangle Scarf. I may frog that and start it again. After seeing the one in the local yarn store, I think it needs to be redone at a tighter gauge. I'm not quite sure if I just need to knit tighter, or use smaller needle. Thus that sits in time out while I mull that project a bit more.

But now, back to my Scoreboard Cow. I'm sure glad I purchased the extra skein of silver colored yarn. And because I don't have many pictures in this post, I decided to include one of the cutest Little Farmer in the world.

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