Friday, June 26, 2015

Bringing the Big Rigs

On our 40 acre farm we don't use the big huge tractors you see around the areas on some of the area farms.  We have a comfortable sized 550 Oliver.   A moderate sized green and white tractor that I can even see over the top of its hood.
However, this year when Hubby decided he didn't want to bale the four little fields along side our house, extending to the pines that stretch across the back of the property, he turned to Older Son and his Best Bud.  He offered them the haying rights and they snapped them up.  So, Tuesday, Older Son showed up.
I definitely cannot look over the hood of this big red beast.  Older Son and his boss have always been partial to Red.  I have a warm spot in my heart for them myself.  In my formative years, all my grandpa and uncle, who lived next door, ever drove were Farmall and International Harvester.  Red all the way.
Older Son and a friend were operating this monster in the fields.  If you can see, there are three cutters here.  One in front, and another on each side.
Luckily there has been no rain to speak of since it was cut.  It is just waiting for another neighbor to come with their big (possibly Green and Yellow) tractor to rake and then bale.
 Hubby and Older Son took a look at the swathes.
They agreed there was a pretty good stand of hay.
In defense of Older Son, and the crooked wind rows......He wasn't driving.
And in case any city folk are among the readers, know that the color and brand of tractor is a big deal.  On the order of Michigan versus Ohio State.  Or for knitters, soft merino versus cheap acrylic.

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