Monday, June 22, 2015

Back Again

Unfortunately, except for special occasion posts like the one posted yesterday, there isn't much to blog about.  I didn't get to get any new pictures this past week of Little Farmer because he went to a conference with his mom on the day I usually watch him.
However, my knitting, is making much progress.  Unfortunately, the items I have been working on are stealth projects. So I can't share any pictures of them.
But since I have been making such good time them, I started and finished another fun little project.
A fun little coaster.  It was quick and dirty, just what I needed to take my mind off the stealth knitting.  It only took a bit of yarn, and not much time.  I may make a set of them.  But I can just do one here and there, and now, pretty much without the pattern nearby.  I have another pattern I want to try too.  Not many out there that are knit. 
And that makes five completed projects for the year.  And oh so many on deck, besides the WIPs. 

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