Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Me Day

While trying to energize myself for the day, I got a call from my friend and former co-worker Donna to see if I would be interested in riding along with her to Holland. Sure I said, always up for a day with her. And she shamelessly bribed me with lunch too. Of course I said yes.

I thought she said she was heading to the farm store. But she was headed to the Heinz outlet store. With a few side trips to some thrift stores.

What fun. I found tops for me and a couple shorts for my Little Farmer too. After a minor disaster at the Heinz store, while Donna smelled of Worcestershire sauce, I merely had dirt on my shirt. Luckily the next resale store let me change into one of my new tops before we went to lunch. I "accidentally" came home with a lifetime supply of Jack Daniels barbecue sauce--six large bottles, among ketchup, relish, vinegar and more.

Lunch was fabulous..too much food and we each had boxes of appetizers, main course and dessert to bring home. We each had a bag full. We both may smell like garlic for a week. We both had new delicious things to eat. How did I survive this long without having cannoli.

Donna, I'm ready for your next day trip anytime.

Except for Wednesday. Wednesdays Belong to my Little Farmer.



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