Friday, May 8, 2015

Playing Catch Up--Grammy Style

Well that was a well needed break.
All that daily posting of poems really was hard to keep up with and I needed a break.
So, just what has been happening in the mean time?  Lots of little things.  Nothing worthy of a large post, but bits and pieces.  I will try to catch you up out there in bloggerland.  First up--Grammyhood.
Little Farmer was introduced to the wonderful world of cereal and veggies.  Here he is enjoying his strained beans.
Now he is done with veggies and ready to advance on to fruits.  Yum.
He is also exploring his new favorite toys.  His feet.
I think he was trying how he could chew on them like he does everything else he grabs.
I have also been working on his gray spiral blankie.  Three more spirals of seven rounds each have been completed.  But the blankie itself looks basically the same.  Since it is too large to spread out, pictures will have to wait on that.
More catching up tomorrow.

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