Saturday, May 9, 2015

More Catch Up--This and That

The knitting has gone on during all the poetry writing, although slowly.  I managed to finally finish the first front of the Hug From Flo/Oatmeal Vest.  It doesn't photograph well, since it seems that the bulky yarn curls even more than worsted, at least in an unblocked state.  That has been folded and put in the bag with the completed back, awaiting the second front and blocking and sewing.  The bands come after that.  Just the kind of thing I love knitting in 80 degree temps--bulky wool. But it will be nice come winter.
And I am ready.  For cooler temperatures anyway.  Remember if you will, I never complained about the cold.  I figure I am entitled to complain about the heat. 
About a week ago I snapped a picture of the information screen on Hharry's instrument panel.
I was thrilled to have reached 28.8 miles per gallon with Hharry.  But pictures but when I drove into the garage, it read 29.2 mpg.  
I love my HHR. 

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