Sunday, May 31, 2015


Well. I had planned a nice chatty post, with pictures and overflowing with witticisms. I charged up the laptop, and was raring to go.

Unfortunately the said laptop was not.

So after updating virus definitions, doing a system restore and various other piddly things, I am leaving it to scan itself, after giving it a stern talking to. After all that is done, maybe I will try my email and Internet there. (Wish me luck.)

After that, I'm not sure how witty I can be, but here goes, on my tablet.

I think I mentioned that I am back knitting my previous projects, but I am also starting a couple new ones. These are deadline stealth or at least semi-stealth projects. One I can share up to a point and the other not at all. So I will need to find other items to blog about.

Which means there may be more non-knitting posts.

And, of course, incredibly cute baby pictures. Even a stranger at the band concert the other day, who saw me searching for Cow girl and Little Farmer in the bleachers, said to me "Is that your cute baby up there?" And by golly, it was.

Because he is. Cute I mean.

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