Sunday, May 24, 2015

Emergency 0ver

The knitting emergency has passed.  Successfully, I might add.
A friend of mine is getting married this summer and her wedding shower was Saturday morning.  (She is the one referred to as the older sister of my sons' friends who remembered to nag them each Mother's day.)
She is pictured here with her mother and sister.   And it looks like another friend's pinky finger photobombed me.
The gift, pictured below being checked out by Leo, was finished in plenty of time.  A pie/casserole carrier.
Part of the gift, that I tucked inside, wasn't finished until after midnight the night before.  At least a good movie was on!
I like circular dishcloths better than square. Square ones always seem to stretch out of shape.  Round ones can stretch equally in each direction.
And just like that--I doubled my finished projects for the year to four,

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