Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Life, Lent and Knitting

With the warm weather and sloppy yard and driveway, I haven't been out much. Hubby and I have each been enjoying (?) a cold. And in this weather it is hard to dress correctly. I finally dug out my light winter coat that I have used the last several winters and wore it yesterday. I'll probably keep it handy for a while. Winter just may be starting to break, but it could still roar back.

I have had to rearrange my knitting schedule. My SWestie Shawl and the basket weave scarf (owner to be determined, but I may keep) have been moved to the back of the knitting queue. At least until Easter has passed. I made the decision to give up knitting for me during Lent.

Which means I have been starting new projects! Yea!

And while I will post a picture of my finished project later, I can give this peek at project number two.

No. It's not a washcloth. But that guess would be strangely close.

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