Sunday, March 30, 2014

Additional Life Tidbits and Knitting Knews

In my last post, I mentioned another knitting project that suddenly jumped up in front of me.  I suddenly realized, while listening to our lecturer at Bible Study, who is about 8 months pregnant, that..whoa!  More knitting!
Since I just happened to be going to the Local Yarn Shop later that afternoon, I stopped to browse.  I was going into yarn buying withdrawal and needed a fix.  I also wanted to scope out the shop in light of my upcoming birthday discount.  I found a great book I want.  They had two copies, so I hope one will still be there.
But, back on topic, I found a pattern for some sweet little baby  vests.  I wasn't sure at the time if the baby in question was a boy or a girl, although I later confirmed it is a girl.  And I found some lovely ivory colored yarn.
Aren't they adorable?  I will be going with the one on the right in the yarn shown.
I also made another purchase.
Ignore the ugly cuticles please.  But these things are all the rage at Knit Nite.  I find it is great for lace with a repeat because I can reset it easily, with the small button, after every 12 rows.  I can also advance with the thumb, and never need to let go of my knitting.  There are adjustable straps on the back that even fit my fat fingers.  And it isn't so bulky that it gets in the way, even with my fingers being so short.
I have my Grandma's fingers.

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