Sunday, March 16, 2014

Knitting For Others

As I mentioned last time, I am giving up knitting for myself during Lent.  While no family members had any knitting needs yet, I did have a friend in my Bible Study small group who recently announced she was having a baby girl this summer.  
Whooo Hoo!  Pink knitting!
So I rummaged around and decided on the classic Elizabeth Zimmermann pattern, Baby Sweater on Two Needles.  Which is more commonly known among knitters as the February Baby Sweater, because the pattern is found in her Knitting Almanac as one of the February projects.
While I may have been a month late, I knit it up anyway.  And was ready to present it to her this past Thursday.  She wasn't able to attend this week, but her mother was there and promised to deliver it to her.
I hope so, because here is the picture of the finished sweater. 
That is project number seven for this year.  I am on a hot streak!
I have got a good start on the next project.  I am not sure if I will say exactly what it is, but it is based on another of Elizabeth's famous patterns, the Stonington Shawl.  
Here is a portion of that project.  And or course, small dog included for scale.  I hope to have this stage done this week, and have a good dent on the final stage next.  That will leaving me with more time for another project.
And I just happen to have some yarn sitting around with Lil' Farm Gal's name on it (a dolly and me sweater set.)  I'm thinking that will carry me through Easter and then I can knit for me again. 

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