Monday, January 6, 2014

Good Knitting Weather

With temperatures in the single digits, so far, and a bit lower wind chills, it has been great knitting weather.
The body of the black cotton cardigan is off the needles. So before picking up stitches for the neck band and front button and button hole bands I reviewed my button choices. Against the black sweater, the camera doesn't do justice to the buttons. So here is a picture of the choices.
On the left is a light gray with a brushed finish. The center choice is shiny ball shaped black. And on the right is the clear sparkly buttons. I like all of them, but my feeling is that the solid black of the sweater needs the sparkly clear buttons.

The flash washes the buttons out in this picture. But even here I think the sparkles win out.
Now, back to my knitting.

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