Friday, January 24, 2014

Another One Done

I must say, not working, whether it is unemployed or retired) is good for the knitting time.  I have finished my fourth project for the year already.
When I had given Lil Farm Gal the doll hat and sweater at Christmas, she said she wanted one, and tried to stretch it to fit her.  Since it was tight, I decided I had to do something about that. 
I even splurged on non-stash yarn.

The yarn is Encore Tweed, a worsted weight, wool blend.  The color is called Grape Jam, but it looks more like a grape milkshake to me.  A lavenderish gray.  I ended with a small bit of I cord at the top of the hat to finish it up.  Right now it is stretched loosely over a plate to block and dry.
Which leaves me to contemplate what to knit now.  I have lots of already started projects to choose from. What will win?
Stay tuned to this space. 

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