Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Year of Sweaters: Number 3 Finished

The typical glamour shot of the Lil' Sparty Fan Wallaby is not possible, since the recipient hasn't made his appearance nor started breathing air yet.  So until then, and until he grows into it, this picture will have to do.
The pattern is my favorite baby/child knit: The Wonderful Wallaby.
I have heard from the father's mouth that they are giving the little guy an ancestral name, Laban Ebenezer (and Brett wouldn't lie).  I figured saddled with that name, while not the worst from that family line, little Ebby will need a nice hoodie to hide in.
I do hope, whatever his name really is, that when my newest grandnephew is born, he will enjoy being a real Lil Sparty Fan.