Monday, April 8, 2013


Just like a GPS, I am recalculating my new black tee.  I had knit the bottom band and was switching to the larger needles.  It looked large so I did a gauge spot check.  (And I might add, that was not an easy thing to do: counting stitches, in the evening, on black sport weight yarn.)
Dang.  I was almost a half stitch off.
And a half stitch per inch, over enough stitches to cover me, makes a big difference.
So.......  I ripped and re-swatched.  And re-calculated my adjustments.
Instead of needle sizes 4 and 3, I'm using 2 and 1.
This may be a long project.  I will need that alternate night time knitting in a light color or I may go cross-eyed.

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