Sunday, April 21, 2013

I Must Have Been Crazy

As my year of sweaters progresses, I had planned that any baby sweater I knit would only count as half a sweater in my tally.  That would  put my sweater count currently at 2 1/2, instead of 3.  But it is my goal, and I can change my rules, if I want.
And with my current knitting, the black project, it is causing me to rethink my counting method.
After all, I am making it in my size.  Let's just say ample.  And instead of my preferred wool or wool blend, it is cotton blend.  Sport weight, and on size 2 needles, with size one for the band; it is enough to drive me crazy. 
What was I thinking?  Pure, stark black, tiny needles.  This may take a while. Plus I will definitely need an alternative project in the knitting bag for evening knitting.  And for when I am being talked to. 
But it is pretty, and dark, and very soft.  But very slow.
So, yup.  I'm changing my rules.  For now.

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