Friday, March 1, 2013

Year of Sweaters: Progress Report

  This year I have proclaimed to be my Year of Sweaters.  And my goal was for at least 6 sweaters, probably including 1 baby sweater in the mix.  (I decided if I do a second, that and the first will still count as one sweater.)
So, how am I doing so far?
Well, my first project up was the Green Romney cardigan.  I did cheat slightly by starting it on December 30.  I just couldn't wait.  But even so, it was finished February 3.  And that would have been even quicker, if I hadn't taken a week to sew it up. 
I am currently surging along on Sweater number 2, the Rustic Shawl Collar Cardigan.  I already have both sleeves done and should be adding them within the next week.  After the raglan yoke is finished I will have the major work of picking up stitches and knitting the garter stitch bands and collar.  So far, this sweater has clocked just over a month of knitting time.  But I think all in all, after two months, I am still on target. 
I may do a baby wallaby next, for a certain impending great nephew on the horizon.  That should take about 2 weeks, if my previous history is anything to go by.  That would have me half way to goal in hopefully less than half a year.
I am also looking ahead to the future sweaters.  I would like to to a yoke style sweater, and I found one with slight cables.  I am contemplating another with my shetland that would have a bit of Faire Isle or perhaps intarsia.  But I may hold back on that and do simple shading--I have light, medium gray, dark gray and some black that I may use for that, especially if I can spin up some softer black roving I found.   And then there is an all over simple cable sweater that looks fun, but challenging.  Maybe if I make 6 in plenty of time, that can be number 7.  And maybe use my handspun jacob for that.
Sounds like a plan.  At least I am on target so far.  Onward!

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Kaye said...

Gorgeous! I think you are going to make it, it's going to be so fun to see all the different patterns you make. :)