Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Shifting Goals

Yes, my goals are moving somewhat.
Oh, the Rustic Shawl Collar Cardigan is still on.  It is just that after reaching my goal of 17 inches before starting the sleeves, I held it up to my underarm.  The consensus was that it needed another couple inches before starting sleeves.
However, I just re-measured the underarm to hem length on my favorite handknit sweater.  It is also 17 inches.
Hmmmm.  So maybe just a couple extra rows.  A little extra cover over the tushie is never amiss.
I am eager to progress onto the sleeves.  Next week I will have two long days to get lots of knitting done.  I am a new member of our township board of review.  It sounds like long hours with few people wanting a review, so lots of spare time.  Since many people's taxes went down, I think they may not want to complain, in case the taxes should have gone the other way.
Which adds up to quality knitting time.
And the picture?  Just the sun and frost from a recent frosty foggy morning, to remind me we ended up with some decent winter winter.

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