Sunday, December 23, 2012


I have picked out the first sweater pattern for 2013. It is Rib Waist Cardigan, by Rita Moreno and it is in the book Curvy Knits 2.  (edited--designer is JILLIAN Moreno, not Rita.  :-b.) I have been admiring the pattern for some time.
So with the pattern in hand, I surveyed the stash. And the winner is green handspun Romney. Home-grown and dyed by my friend Sue Ann (AKA the Sassy Red Ewe) and spun by me.
So today, the wool took a dip and after soaking, was hung to dry in the drying rack in the tub.  I haven't dried this much yarn at one time before.  But it should done in plenty to time to wind before New Year's Eve.
And maybe even swatch!

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