Friday, December 28, 2012

Don't Mess With the Words.

I've been pondering, since Christmas Eve.   At our church we have a service of carols before the regular Christmas service.  A half hour of caroling.  I loved it.  Even if I did almost lose my voice before the regular service. 
But I have to say.....I really hate it when the hymnal tries to muck around with the verses and make them politically correct. 
It is not "Good Christian Folk rejoice", it is "Good Christian Men rejoice".  And God rest ye, merry Gentlemen
From my time playing guitar and singing I memorized all the real words.  And I get off track when the words are all messed up and made politically correct. 
The Book of Common Prayer does the same thing with the Lord's Prayer.  There is the "real" version and the modern one and we are supposed to alternate each week or so. 
I have to confess, on the week for the modern one, I mumble the real one.  Same with the songs.  I sing the real traditional words, at half volumne.
Don't mess around with traditional lyrics and prayers.
There, I've had my say.

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Anonymous said...

Well said, Linda! It drives me crazy that the Church (of all things!) are bending everything so as to be politically correct. (Something about "What their ears want to hear" comes to mind.

I guess that if they are messing with the scriptures, it is no surprise that they are also messing with hymns, carols, and even the Book of Common Prayer. What a shame!

Loving my Geneva Bible 1560 edition more and more!

May God bless you, dear soul.