Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Mittens

After a quiet Christmas dinner at home with most of the family I finished my lined Black Boku Mittens.  (Oldest Son always works the holidays.  The cattle must be cared for.) The mittens should have been done long ago, but I was finishing reading The Lord of the Rings.  I had started reading it many times, but this time was able to finish, thanks to my Nook. 
I find I read more, as well as more classics, when reading on my Nook. 
And now that mittens and book are done, I am reading something lighter, and preparing for my Year of Sweaters.
I washed and dried the green Romney handspun.  And the skeins are all wound and waiting. 
I think I will take the little leftover skein and start to swatch.  And work on a few WIPS too.

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