Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A 2013 Knitting Plan--Sweaters?

While I frequently wear my shawls, I came to the conclusion that perhaps next year, I should concentrate on making sweaters. I can get my shawl and sock fix by finishing some of my Works In Progress. But I can always use more sweaters.
And it isn't as though I haven't knit a few sweaters before.
I've knit vests and baby sweaters. And since I can whip them out in two weeks, that still would allow for random baby presents.

I can do that. And mostly out of stash yarn, and at least a couple out of handspun!
Assuming the Mayan calendar doesn't get us before then.
Here's hoping!


1 comment:

oak haven alpacas said...

love your pictures!! inspiring :)

I have only knit myself one sweater and it was short sleeve. I keep saying I need another :)