Friday, August 3, 2012

The Agony of Retreat

A bit of retreating in the Summer Games shawl.  I had finished my tenth stripe using my leicester combo yarn.  The fleece just shimmered, even before processing and spinning.  All went well with that stripe.  The trouble has been with the tenth stripe.
I picked a pattern from Amy's recipe style pattern and plunged in.
Hmmm, too fussy.  So I tinked back two rows.  And mind you, this section is fuzzy Icelandic.  About as fun to unknit as mohair.
So I ruffled through a stitch directory and picked an easier one.
Or so I thought.  After finishing the crucial first lace row, I started the mostly plain row.  And promptly ran into trouble again. So after more tinking, I went through and marked each repeat.  And I continued to mark each section as I finished knitting it.
So I am continuing, once again, the first pattern row.
I hope soon to continue with the rest of this.   And only a week left of the Games.  I'll see if I can enjoy the thrill of victory.  Or real defeat.

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