Monday, July 30, 2012

Onward the Knitting

I have started my fifth color section on my Summer Games Rumpus shawl.  I squeezed smooth as much as I could out of my precious handspun angora.  Only a few yards left. 
As a brief aside, when spinning angora, if you are plying a single batch, and want to use the andean plying method, take some advice.  Do not attempt on a hot humid day.   I did and had the grandaddy of all tangled.  Way too much of that precious fiber was lost.
Anyway, as Rumpus grows, I finally have Color Affection #1 on the blocking mats.   Only problem I have with the shawl, it is a bit large for the bed.  Even on the diagonal.  The one end is slightly climbing the wall.
Now if it will only cool enough to wear it.

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