Thursday, August 16, 2012

Knitting Interlude

After two weeks of rather frantic knitting on the Summer Games shawl, it has been a slower paced time this week.
I dabbled with a sock, started some time ago.  And I did quite a bit on my Duchess of Cambridge featherweight cardigan.  I think I may try to concentrate more on that, now that I have decided on 1x1 ribbing for cuff and waistband.
These past two days I have found something different.  My co-worker/boss lady has problems with her fingers in the cold.
So looking around on Ravelry, I found some mitts.   They are long and fingerless, but you fold the top ribbing down to use your fingers.  And left unfolded, you can tuck your fingers down in the wool to keep them warm.
A win-win.
After stash diving, I found some Plymouth Boku and made a test.    After Sandy test fits this first one, I will find some snuggy warm alpaca worsted and make her a pair.

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