Monday, August 20, 2012

I Survived the Festival

This year's Fiber Festival was great. The temperatures were wonderful and I didn't spend too terribly much.
I drove an older friend down, with another acquaintance.  They went off one way and I went another.  First I took the wool that had been riding around in my car trunk for a couple months to my usual woolen mill.  A bag of white shetland and another of black.  I am going to have it layered into roving.  The two bags weighed up to about 13 pounds in the grease, with some dirt in it.   I should still get a big wack back.  That didn't count as a purchase, I was paying for services.
I did find my yarn for another Color Affection: a creamy white, a light blue heather, and a dark blue heather.  All fingering weight, all luciously soft.  Yum.
A few other sundries, including a red tote with adjustable handles, and lots of pockets.  One side has a embroidered picture of a knitting sheep.  The other just side just says "I knit so I don't kill people.". I had to have it.
And, oh yes, I bought an inkle loom.  But it was a real bargain.

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