Friday, July 20, 2012


What a difference a day makes.  (Hey that sounds like a good title for a song!)
Uh, anyway, after our inch of rain yesterday the crops look fresher.  The corn has uncurled the leaves and looks relaxed.   I just hope the local farmers were helped in time.
Our hay field is looking good too.  At least Lizzie thinks so in the picture below.  All that yellow trefoil is self seeded.  When Hubby bounced the big bales out of the far field, the seeds apparently scattered themselves in this closer field.  After a little more growth, which this rain will promote, we just may still get a second cutting.
As for my knitting, there some good movies this weekend.  With only 16 rows on my Color Affection #1 before the solid purple rows, I hope to at least get to those solid rows this weekend.
Even if they are lllooonnnggg rows.

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